Chinese Poster Collection, London

Chinese Poster Collection, London

Across the Centuries

Art, A Community Connection

A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations Schirokauer

Britain Yesterday and Today Arnstein

Cotton Climate and Change Bulliet

Discovering French Valette

Discovering the Global Past Wiesner et al

Discovering the Western Past Wiesner et al

The Earth and its Peoples Bulliet et al

East Asia Ebrey/Walthall

El Espanol al Dia Turk et al

Encyclopedia of European Social History

Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States

Encyclopedia of Renaissance

Encyclopedia of Sub-Saharan Africa

Experiencing Art Around Us

Historia General de Guatemala vols 1–6

A History of Antisemitism: A Convenient Hatred Goldstein

A History of Western Society McKay et al

A History of World Societies McKay et al

The Human Record: Sources of Global History Andrea/Oberfield

The Human Legacy

The Humanities in the Western Tradition Perry et al

Jimmy Carter Museum exhibit

Keeping Together in Time McNeill

Making Europe Kidner et al

The Making of the West Hunt et al

Museum of Science Egyptian Exhibit

Native American Education Study

Societies, Networks, Transitions: A Global History Lockard

Voyages in World History Hansen/Curtis

Ways of the World: A Brief Global History Strayer

Western Civilization: Beyond Bounderies Noble et al

Western Civilization Perry et al

Western Civilization Companion CD (500 images)*

Western Civilization 4 Letter Press Lewis

World History Companion CD (500 images)*

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