baseball card poster, Library of Congress

Library of Congress

The Visual Connection Image Research, Inc. has provided quality picture research for the past 35 years. Our main focus has been in the areas of world history, western civilization, US history, and fine art.


The high quality of our research is driven by both experience and a keen interest in history and fine art. This expertise enables us to identify important and relevant pieces of art, objects, paintings, photos, and engravings from around the world. It also allows us to cover a wide variety of subject matter, from ancient times to the present.

The Visual Connection’s flexible staffing and a diverse network of professional affiliates make it possible for us to take on smaller, more specialized projects as well as larger, complex assignments. With the more complex projects, we can effectively handle every aspect of the research project—from conceptual development and research to image submissions via a password-protected website. Our process includes the creation of a database for each project to track submissions, image details, research status, and usage information (keeping close tabs on the overall budget and schedule).


Our hallmark—quality picture research, tailored to our clients’ needs—requires the application of a kind of technical wizardry, which is important for a smooth, efficient operation. In the final analysis, though, it is our research expertise that accounts for the excellence of the final product. Connecting text to image—and particularly enhancing the text with appropriate visual information—is a creative art form.

global reach

The Visual Connection has maintained the global reach established by its founder, Carole Frohlich. Her personal experience with picture and historical research in libraries, museums, and archives from Guatemala to London has enabled her to establish personal and professional connections worldwide. This global network of contacts has been expanded over the years through offline and online research.

And, finally, The Visual Connection’s archive of both public domain and important worldwide images allows us to offer this resource inexpensively to our clients.